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A notice to all authors that do this.

For the love of FUCK please stop abusing exclamation points.
Example: Summary It's a lovely spring day! It's the perfect day to find love!!!

That? Just pisses the shit out of me. Bad enough you use one, but there is no reason to use multiple ones.

And don't tell me that you're sorry it's un-beta'd but I should read it and recommend it to all of my friends!!! Seriously. Generally I see the phrase "un-beta'd" and think, damn, I bet you I'll click on this story and find out that the author doesn't know the difference between a comma and a period.

And shock!(!!) I'm right. Because you don't need an un-beta'd warning if you self edited it and you have a basic grasp of grammar. If you spell grammar "grammer" that's a sign that you don't know shit about it.

I get that not everyone can have a beta. I get that not everyone is a grammar nut like me. And even I make lots of mistakes, yo. But please, don't tell me what to do with your story. And STOP ABUSING PUNCTUATION.

It's not like you put extra periods on the end of a sentence to solidify the fact that that sentance is really and truly over.

Mar. 26th, 2007

So, there is this person on my flist who constantly whines about how no one ever responds to their posts.

Granted, I must ask you if you talk about how depressed you are all the time and things like that, there is only so much to say, especially if you've tried to help said person to be stuck back only with rage.

Anyway, so they start making posts saying "I'm to lazy to comment" (And the person actually never really comments in other journals) giving a recap of what they wanted to comment to certain people. And their reasoning is that it takes so much time to comment to everyone etc.

Really? Now you get where we're coming from, crazyface. I don't comment to every post that everyone makes. Just the important and/or amusing ones. Because I don't have all the time in the world to console you after you've done something stupid. AGAIN.
There's this RP. And one of the characters has issues with their significant other. OKAY. They say it to that person after fucking MONTHS of being told, "OH BUT YOU DON'T TELL THEM WHAT'S WRONG. YOU JUST EXPECT THEM TO KNOW." They're told that the problem will be worked on. But while the problem is worked on, character A can't handle it and says they're taking a break from that person.

Character B understands. They'd do the same thing if the roles were reversed.

However. Character A is a whiny cunt looking for constant attention and never happy if someone calls them names. Character B, who's KNOWN for saying nothing's wrong when it really is, is praised as a hero.

Fucking DIE.

Grrr, Arg

Apparently, Americans who celebrate St. Patrick's day are greedy and selfish because we're just stealing from other cultures. We're very, very greedy, which is why we say things like, "I'm Irish American," because we? We cannot be happy with just one country, no. No, our country is apparently bland and history-less and we claim those other nationalities because we want everything everyone else has.

It has nothing to do with honoring our ancestors. It has nothing to do with explaining why one family eats Lutefisk while next door they're chowing down on spanekopita. We don't say, "Oh, my family's from Denmark," because we think it was cool and brave of them to get on a crowded boat and sail to a country where they knew no one and didn't speak the language. Nope, we're just greedy consumerist bastards.

Oh, and when an American says, "I'm Danish and Greek," they're not talking nationality, they're talking ethnicity. They're not expecting to head on over to Greece and be issued a passport. The fact that they're American is implied and everybody fucking knows that except you because you're a douche.

And, really, if Americans celebrating St. Patrick's day makes you so fucking butt hurt, stay off the internet. You're far too delicate. Cuntrag.
So, there is this RP out in magic land that has this evil mod. And this mods big problem? She sees someone say something like

"Greg felt a little hungover but he didn't let it bother him as he moved about the scene." Where it's all internal.

And then, because her character apparently has ESP, she would like to know why Greg is hungover.

What you know OOC isn't what you know IC, bitch. Your character does not have magic powers, so fuck off.

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